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Global Living in Awareness Academy expresses your inner leadership through different 'Experiences'. Experiencing being present from within is a different experience than an explanation in words. What you experience lasts and goes deep inside, shapes who you are and encourages others to grow their own inner leadership. The experiences challenge you to live the highest collective consciousness potential in the new world. Everything we need is already there.

The individual experience

'It's the inside that counts and brings you closer to your happiness.' - Hilde Van Bulck

Live & Online
Growing from within
Energetic awareness
Inner leadership
Living from your essence
Connection with the source

The job experience

'Develop your inner leadership and discover your authentic mission and potential.' - Hilde Van Bulck

Managers and their team
Inspired leadership

The teaching experience

'The main purpose of a school is to make students aware of the life energy that flows within them.' - Hilde Van Bulck

School leaders
(future) Teachers
Student counselors
Pedagogical supervisors
Inner leadership
Classroom management
Conscious schools
Teaching by being

The life experience

'Personal growth and transformation is the basis for a good connection with yourself, beneficial relationships and sufficient self-confidence at work.' - Hilde Van Bulck

Personal growth
Self confidence
Inner leadership
Personal mission

The spiritual experience

'Discover and experience your energetic consciousness in a simple and effective way. We are all loving beings.' - Hilde Van Bulck

Energetic awareness
Unity Consciousness
Inner peace
Leaders and their teams
Individual participation

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