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Hilde Van Bulck

Hilde Van Bulck (1961) is an inspiring woman who, through her way of being, inspires and activates other people to give expression to their essence and to assume their authentic personal leadership. Hereby she strives for a conscious society: Global Living in Awareness.

Awareness Architect
Facilitator constellations
Co-Director at Constellators International

'Bringing others to their essence is my essence.' - Hilde Van Bulck

Unique combination


Hilde has been living as a highly sensitive person long before the word was invented. She connects this highly developed spiritual skills with a well-developed earthly presence. From this unique anchored combination, she offers safety to the growth process of managers and groups. The power of her communication in counseling consists of an accurate alignment with the situation and the right dosage with exact timing. She is guided by her intuition and her love for life. Her approach is confronting and loving at the same time.



Journey to the centre of the heart


Hilde stimulates you to activate your energetic awareness and consciousness. She wants you to feel for yourself. The journey to the core of who you are will start. The results will not be delayed. In her training, Hilde works with a great deal of openness about her personal and professional experiences. Moreover, she possesses a considerable sense of humor.



Authentic self-awareness


Hilde has overcome many difficult situations and is convinced that others can achieve the same or more. She is an expert in bringing out unconscious patterns in order to clear up limiting emotions and creating space for authentic self-awareness. In difficult situations, she has the confidence to take you on your new joyful path.



Educational innovation


With the introduction of constellation work in schools, she is also a pioneer in the field of educational innovation. For leaders and their teams in schools, companies, and organizations, she brings clarity to the entanglement of human relationships in the work scene.



Spreading the work


For the fourth year in a row, Hilde is training facilitators in family constellations and educational constellations so that the work can spread and support even more teams.





On the one hand, she works with the integration of energetic consciousness and conscious breathing that lead to a greater degree of being present. This method has a range of options. On the other hand, systemic setups are the appropriate tool to unravel complex situations and refine plans.





Hilde has worked in education for twenty five years as a teacher and school principal. She has nineteen years of experience as an energy consultant.

That background has an added value in training leaders and their teams, lifting groups to the next level and to the training and lectures she facilitates. She has picked up her passion for independent entrepreneurship during her management position at a training center for entrepreneurs. Since 2009 she has worked as a facilitator of family constellations and constellations for schools. Companies can also contact her with their questions. She has developed her own style in this beautiful work.

How do others experience Hilde?

'Hilde is an inexhaustible source for experienced insights, for critical reflections, for wisdom and strategic interventions. Because of her, I have come to realize that determination and directness are part of unconditional love and female leadership.' - Karina, researcher



'I just want to say that I find your programs very instructive and intense experiences that can take place because you create a particularly emotionally safe atmosphere. Thank you for that. Tonight, I came home and I immediately started painting, completely devoted.' - Klara, artist



'I am super happy. I feel supported and helped and I feel more and more empowered. I apply many things that I have learned in your pedagogical coaching. One can notice that students feel that you are teaching from the heart. I even found it very moving.' - Annick, adult education teacher



'Although I already had a number of in-service training courses about leadership, the VIP leadership trajectory of Hilde really appealed to me. In the pastI followed a number of workshops and family constellations with her that left a deep impression on me. The coaching went very deep from the start. The mirror she held before me made me see a number of things that I was not aware of before. Since then, I have been looking at things in a quieter way, but I still keep my goal clear. I trust what comes my way and I continue to grow as a person in my position. After all, the process continues to linger. I have been able to let go of a number of things that make me function better. I am less distracted by things from my family system. The way of living and working has improved. Thank you, Hilde, for this interesting way! It's called VIP coaching and I really felt treated like a VIP.' - Annick, boarding house manager



'What I especially remember is the obviousness with which you live your message, even more so than the obviousness of your words.' - Lieve, school principal



'By better positioning, in the meeting, I can concentrate better, and I have more creative input. I express more my appreciation for my staff and have already received many positive responses. Going into 'mild acceptance' is a great pleasure. I have already been able to release a lot of ballast. I am a radiant manager now.' - Dimitri, director

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